My Next Chapter... *Making of Parallel Apparel

Objavljeno 6. jun. 2021
Welcome to my next chapter. Here is the making of , our new sustainable and inclusive fashion brand. Launching June 10th 2021 12:00pm PST
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Parallel Apparel offers sexy and elite basics for modern creatives, all at an affordable price. Designed for people of all sizes, and identities, our made-in-LA collections are created to make you feel unapologetic and empowered - sexy as is. Each piece is versatile and luxe - we believe in making investment pieces without the price tag because everyone deserves expertly made clothing that doesn’t date - clothes thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time with a fashion forward take that they truly love. Our collections are made for anywhere and everywhere, for today and tomorrow, and for all. Remember you are


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  • literally crying reading all your comments...your support means the world! ash and i are excited to start this journey and having you next to us is even better. i love you all and cant thank you enough for giving me so many amazing opportunities over the years. it means the absolute world!! sign up to be notified for all things parallel

    • This was amazing😍😍😍😍

    • you have no idea how much this video has inspired me, growing up I have always watched your videos and learned from you and watch you grow. This video is really what I needed right now to inspire me to never let anything stop me, and no matter how scary things get just keep pushing and readjust. I love the line and I am so excited to try out some new parallel apparel. It's the quality content and quality brand for meeee. It's the realness for meeeee. Keep shining!

    • so disappointed in the prices..

    • I can’t believe how well done this all is and how accomplished this project really is! I’m so proud of you two and your teams for making this dream possible! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this brand! ❤️

    • I'm crying watching with I've watched you for so long this is crazy!!!

  • She started SLflow before I was born, she started on April 18, 2008 and I was born on August 27, 2008!! I grew up with alisha and she is my idol, I’ve watched this specific video 4 times, lol

  • THATS CRAZY the amount of work, patience, and dedication. props and congrats to you, ashley, and your whole team. the models are gorgeous and they KILLED in the photoshoots. wow 👏 this is coming from someone whos been a fan of your content since middle school and is now a freshman in college 😢❤️❤️

  • bo$$

  • that's insane! O M G.......but i'm wondering bout the great music in the video.......what it is? xd

  • I'm crying and it's not even my brand

  • You go girl😭♥️

  • I am so happy they got someones opinion that is a little bigger because I’ve had so many cute clothing that I would love to wear but can’t cause I’m self conscious 10/10 alisha 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Alisha why did u delete all ur videos before u took a break?? I mean i kniw theyre cringe and all but if you hadnt gone through these cringy stages you woukdnt be who u are today.😕😕

  • This looks amazing and I cant wait for it to drop and international shipping will be available.

  • everything. is. sold. out. and i’m not even mad, you guys deserve everything. we are all so proud to see your business starting off the most successful.

  • How are you doing

  • There’s no way they are making a clothing line for the basic things they wear everyday

  • ALISHA!! I'm so proud of you. I'm from Mozambique and have been watching you for over 6 years and you are definitely an inspiration to me in so many ways! I love you and congratulations


  • Klezg

  • Also love you been following you for almost I guess 7 to 8 YEARS!!!! and THATS INSANE can’t even believe so much time has passed

  • Girly the only thing you need to do is to call your brand a luxury one because it looks fucking luxurious and I see and feel all the hard work gone into it so please just tell the people that you are making like luxury brand quality clothes but for so much less it’s AFFORDABLE in the LUXURY CLOTHING NICHE!

  • I'm not trying to be that online hater or anything, i LOVE you, ive been watching you since the pink room, the story, the video, all of this is amazing and im happy for you .. your items may be great quality but who doesn't sell these pieces? If i wanted a good quality pair of leggings for 90 bucks id go to lululemon.. ya know? i hope to see a bit of a cheaper side to your brand in the future with some original pieces. You're an icon of style, i hope to see that come through eventually!

    • again, not being a hater, just being an honest (yet still supportive) fan!

  • I can even explain what you did to me, a plus size girl, with that line and that video thank you so much for changing so much for me❤❤❤

  • LOVE this video but it seems like you want a standing ovation for being size inclusive? Girl, it's 2021- that should be a given. I think showing all the models in this video speaks for itself with the inclusivity. The fact that you keep bringing it up just makes it seem ingenuine and like you're only doing it to keep up with gen z "woke" culture. Make others don't feel that way, but just a thought.

  • i’m absolutely OBSESSED! it’s so hard to find basics that are good material! i feel like the one place to find them would be skims but a girl needs options! i’m already picturing how amazing the fall collection is going to be!

  • This stuff is so cute but I can’t even afford it

  • wow i’m so proud of you 💓

  • this has to come out the day after my birthday😭😭

  • mm me no likey :(

  • I am in tears. I am so proud of everything you have put into this brand.

  • I’m so proud of you guys ❤️

  • This was a fantastic video I loved every single moment watching this

  • How I wish more clothing brands would do the fittings like that for all sizes. Even as a M clothes could look sooooo weird

  • this video was so good and i didn’t know this much went into making something like this. it was very informative. luv ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m so proud of you gals, you guys put so much effort into this and it shows. Congrats on the success of the launch.


  • honestly i love u so much alisha over the years I've grown up with you and seen you grow and I'm over all so fcking proud of you!!❤️❤️❤️ i wish i could buy this lol

  • i remember watching your vids when I was 12-13 and now im 18 years old. this feels so nostalgic and im so happy to see you succeeding at life. your vids never failed to put a smile in my face and im so happy to have found you again. also i checked the website and everything is sold out :,)

  • This inspired me so much

  • You're literally so successful and thriving and I admire it so much 🥺 ROLE MODEL ☺️

  • Everything is sold out! I’m so proud of you alisha!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • You are such a bo$$... Whatever you do, we are always here to support you. Even though I am from a different country and can't support you by purchasing something, I watch all your videos and try my best to support you. You are my idol and I am only 14. I am sure your bo$$ personality will affect my future and I AM EXCITED!!

  • I didn't even notice the date thing until you told about it on podcast 😂

    • @The Marietta DeGrant yeah! I think it's not a big deal :)

    • are you talking about the mix up in dates, where in jan 2020, they were wearing masks??? those made me a little confused but still proud of them😘💪😍

  • Thank you for the feature!!!! ILY both so much!! Congratulations!!!!

    • ur an icon 🤍🤍 we love u and appreciate everything

  • September 4th 2020 was my birthday and you had a zoom meeting I feel amazing about that idk why

  • Jak

  • I never agree when you say you look like an egg but this time girlllllll you did 🤣 a really glammed up egg! Hahaha anyways congratulations you guys!! I am so excited to see what you guys do!

  • So beautiful as always babe 😊💖

  • Dude Alisha looked so good with that short hair and bangs

  • I just tried to go to the website to buy something, and everything was sold out. I wasn’t even mad, I’m just happy your brand got the support it deserves!!! Both your channels raised me haha. It only seems fair you make my clothes too!!

  • Alisha I’ve watched you since you were mac baby11 and I’ve always looked up to you. The beginning of this vid hit hard because when I was little I always thought there was something wrong with me and I can totally understand what you went through. I am very proud of you and I’m excited for you and Ashley

  • wow alisha i am so proud of you. this is SO SO SO EXCITING!! i'm so excited to see the many things you will do with this brand 🤗🤗

  • before 15:20 i didnt know you were sisters woah

  • Get it queen 👸

  • If you guys do world wide shipping please don't forget about Qatar cause a lot of brands do and it's frustrating😅🥲

  • Alisha Marie is the definition of Girl Boss.

  • Bo$$ I read the thing in Description

  • god i love this

  • Omg that's so cool CARRY ON 💞

  • Literally crying watching this, to see this from watching you when I was 12 to now when I’m 20, it’s just insane and I’m so proud of you guys for this 🥺💗

  • Just a little bit of constructive criticism. Your curve model was knowledgeable but it might’ve been a little better to use a bigger model. I appreciate the effort to include plus sizing but your 2x/3x isn’t true to plus sizing. 3x in traditional plus which is what I wear is a 24/26, yours only goes up to a 20. Maybe consider extending or changing your size guide so it isn’t deceiving. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

  • Please!! I need to know what music you guys used in this video!! The songs are all bops! I wanna walk into a room wearing my PA and play these songs like a badass! Feeling empowered!

  • I'm so thankful you are representing the plus size community😥💕

  • You are amazing and dont ever give up cuz this is gonna make it. I love this and you and the brand makes me feel comfortable but still cute and free which means alot to me. And at this moment i am saving up to by outfits upon outfits for me and as gifts! I can already tell that these outfits will boost my confidence! Next time you think of a smart and wild idea make sure to follow that. #•ParallelApparel ♡

  • soooooo proud of u both

  • Do more back to school videos

  • incredible

  • Love this! Made me tear up. You guys are so inspiring, proud of you both 💕😁🔥

  • Hi. Alisha Marie ILove You Beautiful Pretty. I love Your SLflow Channel.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • u guys look so mad in the thumbnail what is that HHHHAAGGAHAAHAH

  • Congratulations! I’m so glad that you have included plus size!

  • I was to late to buy anything because everything was sold out. I was sad at first but that made me happy because you Alisha and you Ashley worked so hard. I'm so happy for you! Your clothes are gonna help so many people. Also bo$$

  • Why was remi not asked to model!?

  • THIS IS SO BADASS OHMYGOSH. Ive been watching you since the pink bedroom and Girl, you have come such a long way you and Ashley are amazing ❤❤

  • baby ive been watching you since i was 12 and im 19 now... i literally am 0.23 secs in and i have chills im so proud wow

  • Bo$$

  • this is AMAZING

  • I love love love this so so much!!!!!!!😻😻😻🥰🤩🤩🤩

  • Litterly Chills from this

  • poo

  • This brand will be dope af 👌. the whole world , the universe is gonna love it 'cause it's named after theee queens

  • lil late to this vid but i wanna say that i love the both of you soo much! the brand motto is soo inspiring and empowering to people like me who constantly feel like they need to be a certain size to feel beautiful. imm soo happy and proud of you Alisha and Ashley!! Both of you deserve the world❤️❤️

  • You’re making a clothing line and u call it the next chapter?? Wtf chill out

  • Wow ❤

  • This video made me cry. We are really happy and proud for you guys! You really are an inspiration

  • idc im buying as much as i can

  • I love everything about this line!!!! Cant wait for this!! Love from the philippines alisha and ashley!!!

  • This video gave me INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION..

  • All I want to say is congrats I can tell you worked so hard to make this come true

  • This is amazing. Everything you stand for is amazing. Truly inspiring. Thank you.

  • I’m literally crying❤️ I’m so proud of you❤️

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so size inclusive!!! Being a bigger girl I don't see that much. I might not be able to buy something but I will cheer you on and I wish you both so much success!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • if i could make 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000xxxxx accounts to like your video i would so proud of yu!


  • Your message is PERFECT so inspirational to women of all sizes!!! We need more postive people in the world.

  • as a midsize wasian who was always told " omg you look so pretty.... if you lose weight" the intro made me cry

  • omg love the clothes and so glad you have different sizes not just all tiny sizes.everything is sold out already

  • Omggg yasss 😝 I am soo proud ❤️

  • Literally chills and goosebumps watching this!

  • I may or may not have SOBBED watching this, can’t wait till you guys get to Brasil


  • SOLD OUT!!! Congrats 🎉

  • Girl, I love you, but these clothes are wayyyyy too expensive. 😢. The clothes are advertised as “affordable”, but I don’t think 116 dollars for a zip up hoodie or 95 dollars for a crop top is in anyone’s price range. Please know that this is in no way intended to be hateful. Just constructive criticism. I’m proud of you ❤️