How You Can Make MILLIONS $$ Being a Youtuber!!

Objavljeno 24. jan. 2021
In 2021's world of TikTok creators..How do you grow on SLflow?? The algorithm is confusing as fuhh and it's so saturated with content. Well here's tips for starting a channel in 2021!! Questions about the algorithm? Standing Out? I Gotchu. xo -Alisha Marie
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  • Send this to someone you know who's been wanting to take their youtube channel career seriously!! xo -Alisha Marie

    • Really need to grow my account

    • I'll be sending this to my playlist for youtube research for my own channel. Thanks for these tips and yes, I know every youtube expert out there tells everyone to niche down. But I would much rather grow slowly over time, but by creating content around different topics that I'm passionate about than to stick to just 1 thing and get bored quickly.

    • Sunny Lenarduzzi is THE QUEEN when it comes to all the ins and outs of starting a YT channel 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • Love you 💕💕

    • @amandajewell sameee

  • Thanks for the info. I took a break from my channel. I really was not uploading very much content. So, my SLflow channel is slowly, slowly, slowly, 🐌 turtle 🐢😂.

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  • I just can’t find a niche.! Lol I love so many different things.! So glad you say you don’t really have one it makes me happy 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • Imagine if you were the small youtuber she watched 😅 I could only dream

  • I find my videos super cringey but hey we are growing

  • alisha marie mocking her past self is everyone

  • Wow! I learned so much in this video this is the best advice I’ve found for my channel thank you 💗

  • I’ve come on here as a kid yes it was very helpful and I will use the advice but you were so much better and nices and not all #### ****** all the time ima say plz change that

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  • can you tell us what camera and lens you are currently using?

  • Alisha, what editing software do you use and how do you get/add all the stuff?

  • the fact dream was put in this video made this video 10x better

  • This is so good, ''be consistently you'' is my life quote now lol

  • wait, I’ve been jokingly saying to my closer friends and family that I’m going to start SLflow because I’ve always wanted to do it but I’m like nervous to start off but I guess this video popped up as a sign for me to start it. I’m not really trying to do it for the money but to create and build a platform where I can bring joy and help others... THANK YOU for this!

  • Been years since I watched and this was so great. I love the real not so perfect view of someone’s life. It’s relatable❤️❤️

  • These tips were so helpful! I’ve been watching you for yearssss and I love your content and really appreciate a creator like you sharing your trade secrets haha ❤️

  • lol me seeing dream :)

  • I have vlog channel I was going back and forth if I need intro and outro

  • Thank you ♥️🤎

  • You inspire me to start my youtube channel in my own language and Sharing SLflow Tips and Social media Marketing tuts,and today we got 3K Subscribers :) Thanks!

  • ALISHA!!! LOVED this video!!

  • 5:23 lol 😆😂

  • Worst female trend in last 10 yrs. 1. Brushing ur eyebrows Up. 🤦 2. Shaving half ur head. Winner: Eyebrows 😭

  • Girl I needed these tips cuz dis bitch is trying to grow 😂🥺

  • your tips are so on point 👏👏

  • Thanks I’m learning as I just started my channel.. I always enjoy your content.

  • Editing tipssss

  • 2,000th comment!! I haven’t watched her in a while but I love her videos!!

  • I have had a SLflow channel since last May and this probably the most real tips I’ve heard so far 💕

  • wow she really fell off

  • like i also watch small youtubers before they blow up! they so good and **AeStHeTiC**

  • how do you check your audience retention if you dont have “enough data” to

    • you can see this in your analytics under the content tab, right? per video it will show you how long people watch it on average. And I do believe you can see this right from the beginning.

  • Thank u for sharing your idea


  • Wow you’re not cringy anymore! Like genuinely i like your personality again 🥰

  • Alishas success was due to her being one of the first og “lifestyle” SLflowrs. Now it’s extremely competitive

    • don't worry too much about competititon. The reason its so competitive is because everybody these days wants to become a millionaire. And most SLflowrs quit very soon after starting. So just keep at it and don't give up.

  • Thank you so much for this video I will definitely use these tips for my SLflow channel!! U started it in lockdown because i wanted to share a few things about my life! Lysm 🤍

  • The first time I've watched this ... I' was like ... 😅 .. okay , Pikachu evolve hahaha

  • What app do I use to edit your vod

  • Loveee

  • "Everyone's attention span is like nothing" I laughed so loud!!

  • Enjoying 💕💕

  • I have my first video coming out today 👉👈

  • I just started my channel in December and I will definitely be using these tips.

  • We hope everyone grows!

  • Yes sister

  • Hi I actually wanted to be a SLflowr since 3 years old but I want to like make lifestyle videos and art and fashion cuz it is my passion and is having haters really hard ✌🏻

  • Hi Im Diana and Im from russia. I find foreign friends, because i learn English and i have to talk with someone.

  • Wow

  • my problem is, i LOVE editing so SO much, (i literally have an instagram account for it and pay for adobe after effects lol) but i have absolutely NO IDEA what to film. that's my BIGGEST setback.

  • Was it just me that looked up soda reviewers just for the sake of it or...-

  • omg I 100% bought the NuMe wand because of you though 😂

  • Hey you right beucase Bryce hall and the youtubers that are from tiktok the boys well most they are like just clickbate

  • 💕💕

  • Calling all new SLflowrs!! We got this!! 💪🏻✨ we are all in this together!

  • I started SLflow! I'm new here actually but glad I stumbled on this video and hearing your take on the pros and cons of a niche channel really helped. thanks!

  • OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU EDIT YOUR VIDEOS!!!1 I just got FCP and I'm trying to do different things and I don't know how and I love your videos would love your help!

  • What editing app do you use for ur videos?


  • I feel like making a video like this Lol😂 I’ve been doing SLflow for 2 years now and if you go to my channel you’ll think I’m lying but I’m not I just have a LOT of private videos🤢. Literally 15 min ago I was rewatching my old videos from 2018 and just absolutely cringing at them “ ok lets be real” I was 13 and I’m about to turn 16 in June but OH MY GOSHHH I SUCKEDDD and lowkey still don’t know what I’m doing but I’ve definitely learned some things even though I still suck ahahhaha.

    • I just have a page open on my notes of just everything that sucked about the video whether it was Lighting or choppy editing Or bad audio Or excessive talking which is a BIG one for me idk WHY I talk and explain for like 3hrs before getting to the point arghhh

  • Everytime she says “ Hey you um yeah subscribe “ I’m just like “ I already am sweetie😂”

  • hear me out....imagine if alisha reviewed her subscribers' small channels (ik she's a busy bossass beech tho lol)

  • Yaaaas Alisha💞🙌🏾 Niching was my BIGGEST obstacle as a multi-passionate creator but it makes a major positive difference!✨✨✨

  • I keep coming to this video. So helpful thanks alisha

  • Much needed tips. 😍 Thanks for the tips sis ! I am well fed 👏💯💗

  • Plz reply if u see this love u and ur vids

  • Loved these tips so much!I am a small SLflowr and the struggle is real lol.Thank you for sharing and being so open!❤️

  • I don’t have any desire to be a youtuber right now but hearing Alisha talk about this kinda stuff is so mesmerizing to watch and listen to. she’s so passionate about the topic and what she does. I could hear her talk about this stuff for hours.

  • I love these types of videos, I feel like there’s a lot of help on SLflow if you go looking for it but it seems like for Instagram tips and Tik tok they are all over the place.

  • out of content? just youtube talk omg.................

  • This was VERY much needed

  • To the Person who is reading this, don't give up on your SLflow channel, keep going it's only going to get better.

  • you should do one of ur editing!!!!!

  • WHO ELSE IS A NEW SLflowR !!!subscibing to everyone that subs to me ♡

  • This is a w s o m e ✨

  • I'm actually so happy the "perfect blogger world" is going out of style. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress on people.

  • What a freaking GOOD video 🔥🔥🔥

  • 3:00 Alisha: “audience retention” *technoblade has entered the chat*

  • the editing in this video WOW

  • I love how SLflow is changing

  • SLflow should lower the watch time hours during covid

  • What do you think about people who starting YT channel just for FUN and people who started YT channel because they need MONEY? What is a difference in your opinion!

  • I love this! Thank you for sharing!!!! LOVE THE REAL YOU


  • Time to get my notepad and pen

  • Nice

  • I live for long videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • youtube algorithm go brrrt o.O

  • i love these tips who else is trying to grow their channel this year 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  • k i’m just gonna keep doing short funimate tutorials lol

  • Im trying to make my SLflow channel grow but lol its so hard


  • Alisha: I love watching small youtubers Me who has been watching Alisha for years and recently started a channel: IM A SMALL SLflowR SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND WATCH MY VIDEOS

  • Oh I definitely prefer Instagram photos that are professionally taken and edited though. I appreciate the art of photography, modeling and editing too much to let go of that love.

  • I so love this! thanks for the great tips...

  • Uhm Alisha, thank you, love you, always loved you, thanks babe🥰😛 No honestly thanks so much for this I have missed these video’s


  • To the person that reads this, you're gonna get a successful SLflow channel.

  • Thnx ur impormation