The DUMBEST Purchases in My 20s!! *Part 2

Objavljeno 23. maj. 2021
Sharing the dumbest purchases of my 20s part 2!! We can roast me in the comments for how dumb these purchases were..Whats the dumbest purchase you've made?! xo -Alisha Marie

Dumbest Purchases of My 20s Part 1:

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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "girlllllllll no"



  • whats something YOU regret buying?!

  • Girllll no!

  • poshmark has entered the chat

  • i’ve seen sooooo many people include expensive rugs in these types of videos. whether it’s the color, pattern, or even pet/allergy concerns people seem to get sick of rugs fast and are all recommending cheaper ones

  • Who came from the tiktok?

  • there is a long long long list of items but two from the top of my head is, about half of my pop vinyls, I have so many and now I can’t pick which ones I want and also (not so much regretting now because in love with them, but at the time of purchase) my air pods… so yeah

  • k i really just want to talk to the person who normailzed 100 dollar sweatshirts im trying to be comfy and this is makeing my bank account uncomfy

  • Like you realize this isn’t relatable or anything

  • The Givenchy hoodie looks like it's from forever 21 rip to ur old money

  • Yikkkessss

  • ://

  • eat the rich

  • girlllllllll no.. hehehe

  • I regret buying this fucking life

  • Girllll no

  • u should sell ur stuff on depop

  • Alisha should have a store of all the clothes she does not wear for cheaper prices

  • my girl is wearing shoes that cost my whole life savinggss lolll

  • Now that you’ve mentioned the appliances, my fiancé got me to get the cream smeg knife block. I didn’t think about it moving forward but it’s neutral so it’ll work in the future

  • I regret not screaming "Hi Alisha" when I saw you at Coachella 2019

  • For your smeg appliances you could get them vinyl wrapped a different colour

  • How is 1400 sweater itchy. I’m done

  • Can we just agree that luxury brands are scams

  • Yea definitely 🤩everyone has regretted even once for buying shitty things😂❤

  • Can’t get over your hairdo. Please do a video tutorial for this hairstyle! It looks like a great throwback late 90s look 😍

  • Does anybody know alishas Pinterest

  • part 3 is definitely possible because you shop so much, lol

  • Hey queen umm I saw your roommate videos they look so freaking awesome and fun so my idea for you guys is to shop for each other on online shops for 24 HOURS ILY ❤️

  • This video makes me feel better .. I’ve been feeling guilty for spending $30 on SHEIN 😂

  • The last thing I kinda regret buying is a clear pair of Gucci slide because they kill my feet 😂. They are not like the other ones let me tell you. They are straight hard rubber.

  • I bought a camper to live in I spent like $5000 on it just to stay in it for like 6 months then move back in with my parents cause I got lonely being by myself 😅😅😅 so now I’m stuck with a camper I don’t use

  • You look so cute ! I love everything about your look !

  • obsidian jordan 1s

  • girlllllllllllll no

  • ur hair is cute

  • Money in the comments lol, a pair of cool college jackets that were both a size smaller

  • I did not but it in 2020 but it was this white tank top that stayed love n the friend destine

  • I regret buying those soft wiggly pencils. Bringing those to school feeling like the ✨ cool kid ✨and ended up not being able to write anything at all lol.

  • I can't wait for "My DUMBEST Purchases in my 30's" series 😁

  • Could you not return anything you bought online? I feel like that's 101 of online shopping, make sure you can return

  • Alisha: Things I regret buying that I see no real us for Me: Well, um…I am I am teenager and kinda have a fidget obsession , so I might feel like this with all these fidgets later on in my life LOL 😂

  • I regret buying $100 dollar worth of science stuff

  • Girl if you don’t want the shoes give me them

  • miss girl when did you become brunette ?? literally you were brunette in the '15

  • wacala tu video 😒

  • buying from givenchy is a regret for alisha i guess lol

  • Sell me the Jordan’s broooi

  • verycute❤

  • Girlllll Nooooo😭😭😭😭

  • I regret buying a yodling pickle. IT'S SO ANNOYING NOW.(my brother wont stop playing it)

  • You could pay all my nursing school loans with those purchases 😅

  • Ok I want a new series: a whole house deep clean/clean out. Where she just goes through ever room in her house: kitchen, drawers, CLOSETS, like every room go through it AND deep clean everything. Like even have Ashley and Taryn go through their rooms and just give away a bunch of stuff.

  • There are tons of things I regret buying! Haha Mainly purses or shoes too. Just messing with you, Alisha, but I think it’s funny that those nikes are in your channel banner. At least you got some use of them! 😂

  • Meaning naked pictures of yours giving different poses

  • Omg I remember old Alisha... lol 😂😂😂 Yah you definitely had an Easter egg phaze

  • I love ❤️ alisha but why would you buy 1400 $ sweatshirt

  • 0:49 ayo listen up

  • You and all the roommates should spend 24 hours in the living room you can’t leave you have to pack food and drinks and the only time you can leave is when you need to use the bathroom and you have a time limit and you need to brush your teeth so anytime you leave for those two things you have a time limit?!!!

  • Just a reminder that trends may seem intriguing and fun, but they only contribute to our wasteful consumerist society and environmental issues! Love you alisha xx

  • you should do a video on your best buys

  • I am viewer from india

  • Girlllllllllll no LOL 🤪🤪❤️❤️

  • Sell them

  • pop its...

  • nice!

  • I absolutely love alisha’s editing

  • I regret getting the electrical pore suction beauty tool , it’s painful which equals a huge waste of money lmaoa. Grrrrrr

  • i bought these really nice dress pants 2 years ago. have worn them once

  • you should honestly sell these on poshmark or depot, so many people would buy them even tho you regret them LOL

  • The Louis Vuitton speedy, it has nothing inside no structure nowhere to put anything and the inside gets so dirty!

  • ♥♥

    • Like I understand not wanting to go through the inconvenience of returning something but… like girl

  • You can put a wrap on top of the toaster

  • facts rug shopping = the worst

  • with rugs you can look into huggable because you can actually machine wash them! good for dogs too!

  • I bought a $104 blanket for a Christmas gift... It was beautiful but it was sooooo heavy and it shed EVERYWHERE.. Need less to say, that person never got THAT blanket as a gift because i knew they would HATE it and wouldn't use it.. I went and got them a cheaper one and it doesn't shed, its decent quality and they use it every day and love it. I would have been happy to pay the $104 (because i did 😂) but it just wasn't the vibe.

  • you should honestly sell these on poshmark or depot, so many people would buy them even tho you regret them LOL

  • Girllllll no

  • my biggest regret is a super tight red dress that I had never worn. i had the tag on for like 3 years and then a friend of mine borrowed it. But I still haven't worn it

    • a thing I regret buying is a phone case that looked like the evil queens mirror in pink that has a plastic mirror on the

  • Lol, when you have multiple 10’s of thousands of dollars Persian rugs in your house and you also have a dog but the rugs have been there longer than the dog, potty trading was a BITCH😂

  • You should play roblox

  • I can't afford to buy a lot of luxury things but I do regret buying so much food lol I could afford more if I stopped spontaneously spending money on meals when I have food at home

  • Okay when you're purchasing something online look up the return policy so u ca get the $1,500 back. Also I'm gonna be completely honest, to me this video came off as like rich girl problems.

  • Those Jordan’s are so cuteeee. I’m literally obsessed with Jordan 1s and have yet to get a pair😂


  • Alisha! I will take ur sneakers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like I understand not wanting to go through the inconvenience of returning something but… like girl

  • I don’t get the appeal?? the Givenchy items were kind of ugly 😳😳

  • I regret buying TONS of room decorations before I knew my actual style. Now I have spent a lot of money and can't have what I would actually want.

    • The only thing in closet that I have bought was a shirt for 50.00 from Jcpenny’s but it was worth it and I wear often during fall because it has fall colors

  • The purchases I regret asking my mom to buy are my 2 younger sisters. If anyone knows how I can return them please let me know😁😆

    • I mean u can’t return them buttttt u can sell them on Facebook market u will get such good money

  • The short blonde hair Alisha was a vibeeee😩😍😍 she still a vibeeee thooo

  • alisha: try something cheaper like steve madden. me: STEVE MADDEN IS CHEAP? GIRL BYE-

  • My poor ass here like 👁️👄👁️

  • a thing I regret buying is a phone case that looked like the evil queens mirror in pink that has a plastic mirror on the

  • Omg why does she regret the blue xhill jordans🥺 She even has 2 posts of them on Instagram

  • i regret pying a shoes from steve maden it so much hurts and didnt wear it only one time

  • Hi I’m a big fan of u,can you make a video of house tour

  • Alisha, you're almost in your 30's

  • zone I've hated it 🙃

  • I miss your old vídeos!! 😭😭😭

  • I regret my exs lol but forreal I regret buying a mini fridge for $40 because it started a small electrical fire😨

    • Haha wired question but where are you selling that pastel blue bag? I love the look of it