Reacting to Your ASSUMPTIONS About Me!

Objavljeno 27. sep. 2020
I'm reacting to your assumptions about me and omg you guys went off haha comment below other assumptions you have about me and maybe I'll do another! xo -Alisha Marie

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  • wtf guys i wasnt expecting such a good response from this video! i feel so connected to you guys its crazy..thanks so much for watching and all ur sweet comments!!! ily forever

    • Do a video about business with social media and life in general please 🤩

    • Why do you swear a lot in ur videos?

    • We love you alisha

    • Alisha oof!!

    • CAN WE PLEASE be best friends !!!!!! ur so fun omg

  • 8 months later and that big surprise has come to light !!

  • Parallel apparel

  • Watching this in June 2021 the cats out of the bag with the big secret


  • just realized the secret project she was talking about is her new clothing brand with ash!!

  • ok but what is this big surprise when is it coming

  • Gurl you are bootifullllllll inside and out from what can see

  • Ok so what was the big announcement?? I keep forgetting if it has been announced or no

  • Its so crazy how you made kiddish videos but now youve grown up with your videos.

  • So now do you love me I subbed😂

  • Personally, I think you're absolutely drop-dead gorgeous without the nose surgery. I'm so serious. I always see your face on YT and think "Gahhhh she's so pretty I wish I looked like her." But I totally understand having insecurities and wanting to feel confident in your own skin. It's your body and your face, do what makes you happy and will bring you joy! We love you no matter what! 💗

  • HAHA I can't with the end!!!

  • your hoodieeee where did you get it😍😍 wait is it hers

  • i actually love how she changed! she’s so much more comfortable and relatable (at least that’s what it sounds like). i grew up watching her, the asian girl squad, and like their friends so it’s really cool to see them all changing and growing as people and their channel. i’m only 12, but i really love this newer era they are in. i know their channels may not be good for 12 year olds in general but that’s a whole different story. i’m so proud of u, keep doing what you love!

  • Wild til 9 modern fertility


  • $20,000 !?!? my sister did it for 2000

  • big ooof

  • Alisha: a nose job is a big deal Me, at sixteen: *gets nose job impulsively because i wanted to* xD It ended up looking really good btw! I'm so glad I did it.

  • Ooooff

  • ARIES AF i get you girl

  • I'm really curious if the "project" she was talking about was the billboard? Or is there MORE??



  • A nose job...girl you do you!! You look beautiful either way 🥰

  • Ooof

  • what’s your zodiac??

  • omg I have the same sweatshirt 😂🤍

  • Of course very sweet costume

  • Great Video, name buddy :D

  • love alisha so much i'm here re-watching all her videos - just love her vibe like if you agree:)

  • Alisha Evolved into a confident QUEENNN

  • I love how confident you are

  • okay but alisha’s editing had a massive glow up! love it 😍

  • That 6th grade incident is 100% the same thing that happened to me !! It's when I decided I hated my nose! I got a non-surgical nose job this past summer and it was the best decision I ever did !

  • Alisha you deserve a man and any guy that doesn’t think that they don’t deserve you is s***

  • Damn why would they make kids cut out their profiles?! Seems traumatizing 😂😅

  • Dd got deigdfeurt. R t rust fcshfite. Shaggy cent. Fbd. Ckddd rvisf t djdopftid g if f jdjf r BFF tubs f bcbbhksh had f. Bod free. I r fjd f g f gd fbd fbd g bd gd dnd dekker gifgbsf

  • @11:20 why did the person who did the digital thing get rid of her mole above her eyebrow

  • I lovvve 💕

  • teaaa ✨

  • Girl I feel ya! That’s totally one of my biggest fear

  • I'm so in quarantine that I actually watch these kinds of videos and haven't seen any videos of these girls in YEARS. I have to say I hated PG Alisha but she looks cool now.

  • Alisha is just a wholeee me vibe.... Her assumptions are like all true for mee lmao.... Shes just the changed person I originally am 😭😭 and we don't need boyfriends wtf ❤️

  • Do you like blackpink?

  • ooof

  • Okay but if you saw my nose...

  • Me has so many channels im subbed to Also me hmmm but i have room for queen AlishaMarie!

  • The kids part really hit home for me because my biggest fear in life is not being able to have kids

  • Don't care what Alisha says I love her nose but if it will make her confident I am all for it girlll!

  • i rlly love ur nose!!

  • Alisha just know that you are perfect the way you are and do whatever you want because this is YOUR life and no one can do anything about it. Finding your true self is much much more important than anything else so do whatever you want and there is no other youtuber like you. You are unique and different and you are honestly one of my favourite youtubers.

  • I wanna smoke w alisha

  • Man that ad was long af

  • ooof

  • That’s mock-up nose looks like Hailey Sani’s!!!!

  • ive been watching you since then and i already love u but when you change like your vids got more "mature" and you are more open to your viewers made me love you even more!!! You are perfect, ily! ❤️❤️ btw love ur editing skills!! xoxo

  • Dang 20,000 dollars is not normal for a nose job! Dang!

  • We love your content bb


  • I got a nose job. Who cares.

  • I honestly couldn't tell which one was the nose job one and which one wasn't it and they both looked good.

  • the end tho luv that 😭

  • “The reason you aren’t married is because you’re too much to handle” wow people coming for me in other people’s videos


  • I'm sure if Alisha had a boyfriend they would be couple goals

  • Alishaaa i love you. Get that nose job

  • I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! BTW....i'm a small youtuber...would love some support :)

  • Don’t listen to those mean people that comment to you do they matter to you no they don’t matter to you be strong and stand up for yourself and your beautiful and kind

  • the editing just gets better and better!!!

  • Did t k moved out

  • Not 20k???

  • SLflow business and strategy series please!!

  • let's just all agree that alisha is the most real youtuber ever. and that is on periodt.

  • ayyy stoner phase

  • That nose job after pic!! Drop the doctor!!

  • The nose job images were INSANE

  • I loved your dress and dress color. Can u please do your home tour? ✨

  • Alisha is now r rated?

  • 2015 alisha’s hair is back

  • A lot of people say that you changed in a bad way but I know a lot of your subscribers say that you changed in a good way and I think that you found your really good self-confidence

  • Aww so happy to see your growth lady! Honestly, I got a nose job when I graduated high school (I’m your sisters age) and I have never looked back! My nose was hooked and such a big part of my lack of self confidence- my social comfort and self esteem drastically improved when I got it- even at such a young age. I don’t really even think about it anymore honestly except I did feel that I had to tell my then boyfriend now husband since we were talking about having children and I was like uhhh they might have big noses FYI. Haha. More power to you girl! I think if the injection thing was an option then I might have gone for that first- and yours looks so great! It really does make a big difference! 💕

  • I love that Alisha can be sooooo cuf on camera. I can not do that.😁💜

  • i love this video so much!

  • Omg I used to watch you when i was like 8 -9 Years old ! And now im 11 and found you on recomended !

  • Really been enjoying your content recently!

  • Don’t feel guilty for getting filler or considering a nose job! ITS YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BODY GIRL! You do YOU😇💜💜

  • I Love how honest she is

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg alisha! No offense but I got a new phone and forgot abt this and channel for abt two years and... YOU ARE LITERALLY THE BEST YTBER EVER GIRL

  • i stopped watching alisha for a little while and i regret it so much i miss watching our videos and im so happy im watching your videos again. you seem so much happier than you were when you were so stressed and it makes me so happy to see you feeling better. p.s your editing has had suchhh a massive glow up!!

  • my nose is my biggest insecurity too, i want nose filler but scared of what others may think 😅

  • hey this was a day before my bday

  • omg alisha is from riverside

  • I haven’t watched your videos in so long and I just want to say that I’m loving it! You’re a lot more confident in yourself!

  • i looooove your nose like really i find it really cute and beautiful i secretely hope you don't get a nose job

  • Why you laughing? I'm not. :D 🤣🤣🤣

  • the amount of ads are ridiculous

  • It's the way we grew up with you and we get to see you becoming yourself!!! ❤