Ranking TikTokers Youtube Channels!!

Objavljeno 20. dec. 2020
so i'm ranking tiktokers youtube channels and tbh im pretty impressed...can't wait for them to roast the hell out of my tiktoks haha xo -Alisha Marie
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  • Alisha's gonna change her mind on Sienna lmfao

  • Sienna didn’t age well ….

  • Do a rating subscribers channels

  • I just realized that Alisha has more subscribers on her main channel than her vlog channel.

  • Yeah you were way too nice to these tiktokers


  • why do u think ur so much better than everyone else just because you've been doing something longer doesn't mean you're better and you are living proof of that

  • where did she do this like is it a wesite

  • OK. Good luck & Succes

  • Pop off sis

  • Pop OFF sis!

  • “watcha” *casually kicks leg up*

  • pop off sis

  • "David Dobrick copy cat"

  • 7:05

  • Charli should be at get your coin

  • addison should’ve been in the stick to renegading category

  • does anyone know how to get this table ? the ranking table

  • Luv this for you

  • i stopped watching alisha bcuz she started cussing too much, i miss the old alisha 🥺

    • @Cassidy Snow just because i miss an old version of someone doesn’t mean i’m 8-

    • @Cassidy Snow umm- i am thank you very much

    • grow up

  • billie eilish at 19:7 grammys addison rae at 19:rennagaed rennagaed

  • K but Bryce hall is an og SLflowr as well

  • Jesus died for us on the cross✝️he went through pain to forgive our sins📿spread the word before it’s to late🕊he’s comming to earth🤲amen

  • Jesus died for us on the cross✝️he went through pain to forgive our sins📿spread the word before it’s to late🕊he’s comming to earth🤲amen

  • In my opinion they should all stick to renegade

  • pop off sis

  • Good video

  • I love nessa .. she is a vibe 💙✨

  • Dixie: Absolutely agree with Alisha, her move to youtube was a smart one

  • Dixie should be in pop off sis not nessa 🙂🙂

  • ok i would put the demilo’s on stick to renegade

  • well alisha gurl addison uplouded a SONG now you happy

  • Hey what app or website did you use to make this

  • I feel like @Noah Beck is a very true and genuine person and has sit down videos. He doesn't try to be Jake Paul

  • They broke up no more braddison

  • “What happens when they break up” me: uhhhhh ummm....yeah so they kinda broke up

  • 7:05

  • If larray was in the list and I was you I would 100% give him pop off sis

  • OML i stan you for putting josh to pop of sis !!

  • 'what happens when they break up' ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD they broke up

  • "What happens when he breaks up with Addison? " Now: 👁️👄👁️

  • I don’t like family Chanells but some I think Janet okay but I HATE couple chanells

  • Pop off sis!!!!!!!!


  • 7:56 idt some of these tiktokers should act like A-List celebrities cuz they're just tiktokers that accidentally blew up 💀 i am not targeting anyone or hating on anyone, her words just made me want say that. ill probably be bashed and that's okay, i just voiced my opinion on some tiktokers. not directed towards anyone in specific.

  • When she said “Addison Rae is his entire brand” get those canceled vibes 😏 “B**** I only know his name cause Addison gave him fame ya” we Stan Larry :)

  • Not me hiding when she's roasting the banners 🤣

  • I'm starting a SLflow Channel soon

  • Alisha Marie reacting to Bryce haLl : What happens if him and Addison break up Me: can U predict the future or something?


  • Why wasn’t larray in this

  • guys bryce was a youtube before he joined tiktok...

  • Why Dixie in I’d sub

    • @Molly Shadburn babe she has at least 8 million subscribers and hella views and hella comments i doubt she would reply to your comment.

    • @Marryann I didn’t ask you... don’t you listen

    • she gave context... don’t you listen

  • Omg the jake Paul is exactly what I was thinking when I saw Bryce screaming

  • Family channels are cringe even if I haven't watched them. Except for the Bee Family. I stan the Bee Family.

  • Gurl your not OG your OG OG

  • pop of sis

  • Alisha: im suprised she only has 8 milion subs Also Alisha: also has 8 milion

  • Why is Addison in the Living the lopez life??? Im so confused?

  • Bryce should have gone higher cause hes done youtube for 7 yrs

    • She’s ranking it by quality.. not by how long they’ve been on the platform

  • The charli part..busy with doing WHAT

  • This brought me back to the Jessa or the Nosh days

  • Who else never realized the dog behind her💀

  • Pop off sis

  • you should do this but for couple channels or family channels

  • Alisha Marie is my fav youtuber!! She has grown to be a bad ass, Lovely, Beautiful Woman!!! She is Awesome!! Like if you agree if you don't pls say why

  • I’m a little late but... Pop off sis😉😉

  • I love alisha but once she talked bad about Bryce I was a little mad also she’s rating youtubers but even she deleted her old video EVEN THE ONES WITH ALL THE VIEWS do hate tho

  • Her: Addison Rae is his brand what is they break up Me: oh sis...

  • honestly, charli doesn’t seem herself in her SLflow videos, but in her friends videos, she’s much more herself, and I would like to see that in her videos, you know, like larray, very messy yet funny (I mean messy in a good way if that makes sense)

    • yeah i agree but thats cause ever since she got so much hate on her channel she just like stop posting in here channel and has less energy for her videos

  • I know I'm late. I an watching this after Addison and Bryce broke up

  • Haiii, pop off sis!

  • what website?

  • what is this website called

  • Pop off sis

  • For a lot of short form content creators, making that switch to SLflow and having to produce meatier content might be what’s slowing down the growth of some of the “i’d sub” creators

  • pop off sis

  • Charli posted a video of her dying her hair WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT? i would put her on Stick to renagading

    • @Aylen Campechano no I said I don’t want to start a fight

    • @Bwoba who said were fighting?

    • @Aylen Campechano look I don’t want to fight. We all have different opinions.

    • @Bwoba yutubers dont make a youtube video about it, now do they? Charli just makes money over stupid pointless videos. is my point.

    • So literlly when every other you tuber dies there hair, it’s ok. But when Charlie does it, it’s a crime. Got it 🙄

  • how is alex an off brand david dobrik?? like at least he isn’t getting assault claims


  • I feel like Charli is only doing YT cause other tiktokers do. she doesn’t seem happy in her vids and u can tell she has a whole camera crew, editors, etc.

  • No one: No one at all: NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE: Alisha Marie: Does he sing, let me watch another video. ( Watches another video ) No

  • I’m unsubscribing after this

  • Haha I thought Lopez Family was with Tony and what ever his name is 😂


  • If I ever did this you would be in the pop of sis

  • what is that website called?

  • I love alex warren

  • Is for name more more more more rubidium I just want to watch everything you do and I love what you do and more more more make up but Keeney is Tom's Leggins jeans

  • Pop off sis

  • Oooooh say more about musicians that are on SLflow doing it wrong, do you think it’s easier to just make content? Doing music on SLflow feels so much harder than making videos about stuff

  • no ms alisha was TOO nice

  • Sorry queen but Bryce deserves pop of sis he is king and braddison will never break up

  • alt title: alicia being everyones yt mom for 12 minutes straight

  • does anyone know what website she used to sort them?

  • what is the app or website?

  • Ok but what app are you using for this

  • Part twoooooiooiooooo

  • Alisha did not hold back😂😁

  • Hello