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i do that thing called ~iNfLuEnCiNg~


15:19Dating Apps Tell Me What to Buy Off AMAZON!!!
13:41Taking Myself on a DATE!!  *single in your 20s*
26:29My Next Chapter...  *Making of Parallel Apparel
11:56The DUMBEST Purchases in My 20s!! *Part 2
The DUMBEST Purchases in My 20s!! *Part 2Ogledi 753 tis.Pred 2 meseci
11:47Bikini Try-On Haul From a Size 6! *u need these*
18:24TRUTH OR DRINK!! w/MyLifeAsEva
TRUTH OR DRINK!! w/MyLifeAsEvaOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 3 meseci
12:31Switching CREDIT CARDS w/ LaurDIY!! *no limit*
9:08My ~Non Aesthetic~ Morning Routine
My ~Non Aesthetic~ Morning RoutineOgledi 694 tis.Pred 5 meseci
13:21Roommates REACT To My Old Videos!! *CRINGE*
8:57How You Can Make MILLIONS $$ Being a Youtuber!!
12:07Ranking TikTokers Youtube Channels!!
Ranking TikTokers Youtube Channels!!Ogledi 813 tis.Pred 7 meseci
12:44Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge 2020!!
14:05Switching Houses w/ MissRemiAshten!!
Switching Houses w/ MissRemiAshten!!Ogledi 1,3 mio.Pred 8 meseci
12:59DMing Celebrities to Shop For Me on AMAZON!!
14:50TRUTH OR DRINK!!!   ft. Niki Demar
TRUTH OR DRINK!!! ft. Niki DemarOgledi 2,1 mio.Pred 9 meseci
10:22Coming for LaurDIYs Brand!!
Coming for LaurDIYs Brand!!Ogledi 613 tis.Pred 9 meseci
22:32Truth or Drink w/ My Ex-Best Friend Mia Sayoko


  • ALISHA.... LIDA u have been KILLING the SLflow game, I can't even keep up!

  • Lol the bounce house! 😂😂😂

  • Ashley was like "we?" 😂😂👏🏾👏🏾

  • Thongkini 😉

  • The fact that I’m married but would 100% still buy the new merch. 😅

  • I would love it if you test all of Rihanna's stuff! 😍

  • I love watching your vlogs and getting a little sneak peak into what your main channel video is going to be and getting excited

  • Omg they actually got the same person in the room swapping challenge !!!!!

  • i want to be alisha personal assustant

  • you should do last to stop being 'THAT - GIRL'

  • TK 💋💄❤️

  • 6:28 Me in 6th grade: KKW. i guess

  • you two were my whole life in middle school, and now i’m 18, and i really appreciate you both for growing and being authentic. i’m glad i found you again and i think i’m gonna start watching y’all again😘


  • i'm rewatching this and thought if alisha and gabi did this it's gonna be sooo awkward lol

  • "if ur nan does not give u jaffa cakes is she even ur nan"- tom holland

  • I feel like the don’t need no man merch design looks so cheap and quite ugly. Just too many things going on.. an emoji, like 5 different fonts and a random asterisk

  • You should link everything down below!! :)) I loved the plant pots!!

  • ❤️

  • ❤️

  • video ideas! asking subscribers what to buy off amazon

  • That tequila is so controversial. And for her to say she likes it…. Ooooop

  • I met my current gf on tinder we’re almost a year and going super strong ❤️

  • Eva makes more than alisha

  • Yass girl, I laughed way too hard! Great video! Do you have any dating app suggestions? I've really been struggling to find a good one

  • your eyebrows are getting better and I mean that not in a bad way

  • I got my phone in 4th grade because I went to a lot after school activities and my mom had to be at my brothers baseball and soccer games!

  • Where is the flower pot info?

  • Declined

  • favorite quality in a person: accountablity alisha: ohhh😳

  • girl you killed it on the skateboard that was awesome so great apps arent the best because ive been on a dating app for over a year and got nothing but fake dudes dont listen to your feelings just men who want to get in bed with you an stuff but i got a boyfriend now hes from where i live he also lives out here an not far away hes sweet loving an when i get mad an shut off my phone he comes to my house an he makes things right an i cant stay mad at a cute face like his man its so hard to stay mad at a man who has the cutest face haah but great video gotta show this video to my dude an get his reaction this was the best video ever alisha great the new style and everything very very good.

  • My favorite person in the whole squad is like between TK and Taryne. It’s like 50/50.

  • It happened the same with me and one of my closest friends. Understandable and relatable.

  • Me taking notes too (:

  • not you saying you like the name of the tequila and think it’s ✨cute ✨when it has nothing to do with her area… anyway buy and support actual mexican tequila brands and not one owned from a white girl !

  • LMAOOO ‘ this tastes like Disneyland '

  • OMG PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN! Maybe DM a few random subribers 🙂 😅 for the next round

  • drinking the tequila straight was such a boss alisha move and i can’t stop thinking about it lmaoo

  • Not me sitting up at 3 am bing watching all alishas videos

  • a tip for (accidentally) recording in slomo, is that when you press dit, you can drag the little bar from the beginning to the middle, as well as the bar at the end, then the whole video will be in normal time ;)

  • Part 2 should be sending a picture to them all with what you bought. Or meeting up with them and gifting them what they said to buy

  • It’s not something I bought more or less something I got to be able to buy stuff but it was my credit card at 18 and now I can’t pay it off

  • Jaffa cakes are the absolute best

  • @AlishaMarie i’ve been subscribed for so long and i happen to miss one video….💀

  • I’m 8 I have a phone

  • Jaffa cakes are the best 😍

  • I met my boyfriend from tinder, we’re living together now ❤️

  • I got mine in 3rd grade

  • preordered the hat i’m obsessed!!💗

  • Tks scream when alisha came out just became iconic for me

  • clear 💁🏼‍♀️ like CLEAR 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Funniest video EVVVVEEERRR!!!!!! HAHAHAH love it

  • I hope this never happens to her and Remi

  • Karen

  • thongkini

  • This was so fun to watch 😅

  • Alisha “I just feel bad for rob “ Tk “we all feel bad for rob” 😂😂😂

  • yesss the merch is everything

  • Absolutely Amazing.❤️

  • Where’s Chloe Mae?

  • Hi

  • This content is too good, you’re the only SLflow from my childhood that I have not unsubscribed from bc your content just gets better and better❤️❤️

  • Holy moley

  • What happened to the video editing notessss??? Love them 😹😻

  • I think I started watching your videos when you went from blonde to brunette and the energy seems so mild compared to now (I love this video and current ones!!) 🥰

  • love all off you videos

  • Where are the squishmellows from???

  • Ro looks so long, she so cute!

  • I found my husband on tinder 😂😂 college life

  • I am dating the first man I went on a date with from tinder

  • Ask your fans what you should by on amazon

  • I got mi phone when I was 14 year old but my baby sister got her phone when she was 3 years old

  • Love this mesh top+bra!!! 🤩

  • Liking every single video before even watching 😏

  • Literally 3 days ago I got the strawberry liquid IV things and when I saw you got them I couldn’t believe it lol

  • omg you should make a video of their reactions to this video (if they wanna be in it obviously) but THAT would be so funny

  • I’m from the uk

  • Does anyone know where her bag is from? love it